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For less revision

What we do?

Plagiarism scan (Once; before editing)

English Editing (1 Editor)

Minor revision (1 Editor

What do you get?

Plagiarism free good quality manuscript 

Editing certificate 

One time editing support (within 3 months)


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For major revision

What we do?

Plagiarism scan (Once; before editing)

Peer review (1 subject specialist)

English Editing (1 editor) 

Major revision  (1 Editor + 1 subject specialist)

What do you get?  

Plagiarism free high quality manuscript 

Pre publication Peer review report 

One Plag scan report 

Editing certificate 

One time editing support (within 6 months)

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For major revision &

PubMed publication

What we do?

Plagiarism scan (Twice; before & after editing)

Peer review (2 subject specialists)

English Editing (2 editors) 

Major revision  (2 subject specialist Editors)

What do you get?

Plagiarism free excellent quality manuscript 

Pre-publication Peer review report 

Two Plag scan reports 

Editing certificate 

1-year full support (any no. of times)

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1. How do I know, which service I require?

Send your manuscript to us, we will contact you. 

There is no charge to evaluate your manuscript.

2. What are the types of manuscripts we edit?

Biology/Medical Science related field

You can edit your research articles, M.Sc. Dissertation,  MD/Ph.D. thesis

3. How long does it take to peer review my paper? 

On average, it takes approximately one month; however, this may vary a little depending on the content of the paper and the nature of the peer reviewer. 

If you want fast review, request us, we will provide you the service.

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Why to choose us?

1. We follow proper American or British English for editing 

2 We have one of the largest and best teams of native English editors—many with Ph.D.s from leading US and UK universities. 

3. We send your document to a subject-matter expert to serve you best 

4. We use iThenticate for plagiarism scan

5. You have a wide range of choice of editing service

6. We guarantee on-time delivery

7. We are always online (24X7) & ready to help you  


Our customer's satisfaction is the basis of our goodwill. As of Dec. 2018, our service got an average of 4.5 out of 5. 

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